Saturday, 21 November 2009

Onward to Northrend!

I managed to get Hastral to 68 a few days ago, so i went to Northrend. He is 70 now and his alchemy is pretty high allready so i think its time for him to start making money. Hopefully the prices of flasks remain as high as they are now. Considering the patch is on the doorstep, they might even go higher.

He has no real trouble in Northrend at the moment, but he did have some unfortunate deaths do to disconnects. Howling Fjord is about half way done and then its on to Dragonblight i guess. I hear you can earn some nice XP in battlegrounds to so i might try that also.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Leveling and PVP

Last few days i couldn't play much. I managed to level Hastral to 64. He is almost done in Zangarmarsh because of it, but he still has problems soloing group quests. He has as much or even more self healing and crowd control than Larthas, but he is just to squishy. Still, killing trash is easy and fast so leveling is fun.

As for Larthas, i didn't do much with him. I played about 20 or so arena battles with Outraged and we won most of those so our rating is now over 900. This means i was able to buy the Furious Gladiator's Scaled Legguards so now I'm even stronger.

Also, i did a run of ToC 25 with the guild, but i didn't get anything for my main spec. Belt of the Forgotten Martyr dropped for my off-spec though and i got it for free because all the other holy pallies in the guild are imba.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Questing in Hellfire

I went through some quests with Hastral last night, which got him to level 63. He has some trouble with soloing group quests, but 2 man quests aren't an issue. Killing regular mobs, though, is a breeze. I have no problems fighting several at once. I throw DOTs at one mob, throw a haunt if it has high health or I'm low on mine, and move one to the next one while DOTs kill the previous. If I'm low on mana i just use Dark Pact or Life Tap.

I haven't done this from the start, but i plan to take a screen shot at the beginning of each level for every one of my characters. You can find them in each of my characters albums in the sidebar.

Monday, 9 November 2009


Well, hi there! If you know me from my other blog (in the sidebar), there's no introduction needed. If you don't, all i can say is i love gaming and i love World of Warcraft, so this is where i will be writing on all, or at least most of the things i do in the game. Hopefully you will keep reading.