Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Is there an achievement?

I'm not allowed to post at the inn, so I'm going to express my opinion here. It seems Larissa is annoyed with a person asking "is there an achievement" regarding the new phase of the invasion. She seems to think that it's wrong to think that way and to ask questions like that. Like the game should be played "purely for the fun of it".

Well, It is my opinion that she is one hundred percent, completely, absolutely wrong. I also think that she is extremely narrow-minded in stating this. Now, if the person who asked the above question also thinks that the event is stupid because there is no achievement (other than the minor feat of strength), then that person is wrong and narrow-minded to.

There is no right or wrong way to play an MMO or any game for that matter. The game is supposed to be fun, true. The thing some people seem to be consistently missing is that everyone has their on definition of fun and, as long as that definition doesn't involve directly destroying some other person's fun in a multiplayer game, then this is completely fine. You get it, guys? YOU like the "social experience" of defending Stormwind form an elemental invasion. True, I like it to, for the first few times, but I also like getting achievements, raiding properly every now and then, doing some PVP. I sure as hell don't tell myself that your opinion is the norm or the only right one. There are people in this game who only PVP. There are also people who like top level raiding, math and spending hundreds and thousands of gold to get 10 more dps. All of them have as much fun as you do, and to think that your fun is somehow "better" than theirs is just idiotic and ignorant.

So yeah, If all that person cares is the achievements and that's fun for him, then that's great. If that same person starts thinking that achievements are the only good way to have fun in this game and thinks people who prefer the social aspect or PVP or raiding are wrong, then he/she is just as ignorant as those that claim the same for any of those aspects.


  1. I have issues with any gamer that thinks they are better then anyone because they can make achievements on pixels.....

  2. @willow
    thats a slippery slope, you could downplay the achievement of any individual in any state with that kind of thinking.

    I think that it would be best to sub in the term "engaging" instead of "fun" schindlers list isn't "fun" but it is "engaging" and is a master piece. I think people have a bad habit of viewing game teams as toy makers and expecting the product to be "fun" instead of producing worth while memories. just my 2 cents.

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