Monday, 15 March 2010

The laziness continues...

Yeah, yeah, i know, i promised i would post more, but i can't seem to keep that promise. Not much has happened lately. Some changes in the guild leadership happened, which i find, lets say sub-optimal, but hopefully I'm wrong and it really will turn out OK. Other than that, i managed to tank ICC10 with Larthas successfully and i now finally don't need any more emblems of frost for my main spec. Everything that i could buy, i already did, so there is no more pressure in doing heroics every day for two measly emblems. I will still probably do it though, so not much has really changed.

As for Hastral, he is still doing his low profile thing. I log in every day, sometimes do a heroic, do some /trade advertising and post some of my items at the auction house.

In other news, Lashtar is now level 26 and is starting to wreak havoc on monsters and enemy NPC-s alike. He is still specing in the elemental tree, because I have no trouble whatsoever in healing the current level dungeons. I hope to hit 40 before that turns into a problem, so i can get my dual spec.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Im lazy...

And again i haven't posted in ages. Sorry about that (I'm apologizing to empty space). It's not that i didn't get the change to play, it's just that i didn't get around to posting something. Lots of things happened though.

Larthas is now pretty good at tanking. Heroics are a breeze and i get lots of praise for my speed and nice atmosphere i try to create. I even managed to tank a  VoA10, Toravon specifically. As for my main spec, i finally got the 4pc T10 bonus so now i can concentrate on getting other emblem gear to fill up some holes in my equipment. I definitely could use a better trinket, since I'm still using the Chromium Coaster, which is about 3 tiers behind the rest of my stuff.

As for Hastral, he still needs some nice trinkets and some other stuff, but he is good enough to do heroics and weekly raids. I'm getting close to earning enough frost emblems and gold to buy the 25 Primordial Saronite i need for my Shadowmourne quest on Larthas.

I also started a new character. It's a shaman and i might actually try and make him a healer this time. I know i hated it on Larthas, but maybe it's the class and not the role that I hate. He is level 23 now and i will make him a scribe when he gets a bit stronger. For now, i decided to try and play him without any funding from my other characters, so i made him a herbalist and a skinner to earn some money. Thanks to the new dungeon system, i got about half of my experience trough dungeons exclusively. Healing is easy for now, but it's not even close to how it will feel at high levels, so I can't say anything about that yet.