Saturday, 30 January 2010

Exams! And some other stuff...

I had for the past few weeks and i still have exams, which is why both of my blogs were on hold. I still played games, mostly World of Warcraft, but i didn't make much progress so there wasn't much to post about. Anyways, some stuff happened, so lets try to make a recap. Now let's see where i was last time i posted...

Wow, it really has been a while, hasn't it?

In fact, it has been so long, that Hastral even managed to get to 80 and earn enough emblems of triumph to get 3 of his T9 gear pieces. Other than that, he got some other upgrades, so he now does close to 3k DPS on single targets, and frequently crosses 10k on groups. This also frequently overaggroes the mobs, so he dies, but thats faillock for you. He is also earning frost emblems by doing daily randoms and weekly raids, so hopefully, Larthas will be able to get his saronite soon.

Now, regarding Larthas, he really was on hold achievement wise. He managed to kill Festergut with his guild, and his guild managed to kill Rotface without him (damn exams). Putricide is still up on 25man, but the guild did get a server first in 10man, again without Larthas (damn exams). He has some wonderful gear now, including 2 pieces of his Tier 10 set, and some best in slot boots, rings and some other stuff. All in all, gear is progressing nicely even though he was forced to miss most of the raids (damn exams).

My gold industry is doing wonderfully to. I broke the 40 000 barrier, then went down a few thousand due to unforeseen expenses, and then broke it again a day later. Since I'm rich now, i decided to inst the money in more ways of earning it. I ditched my level 2 (exploration XP FTW) warrior banker, made a girl draenei death knight (cause people prefer to buy stuff from girls) and leveled her to 65 so she can max the jewelcrafting profession. This again set me back for a couple of thousands, but i think it will be worth it eventually. I decided to level her as a tank, and it worked out great. Most of the time, the instance queues were instant, i got plenty of XP, and i think i actually like tanking. Anyways, she is level 65 now and retired for the time being, so i will continue to use her as my new banker. As for making money from jewelcrafting, first i need to learn how to do it and follow the market a bit. Her album is added to the sidebar for some progression pictures (which i again forgot to take from the start).

Oh, before i forget, Blizzard added some fun new features to the armory page, so i will see what i can do with those on this blog. 

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Of Quests, Dungeons and Frost

For the last week or so, i invested some time in Hastral. It's nothing major, but i did play a few hours a day and got him to level 76. I want to get him to 80 as soon as possible so i can do the weekly raid with him and farm Primoridal Saronite for Larthas and his Shadowmourne quest. Mos of the experience i got was trough running random Northrend dungeons. This also got me a few triumph emblems so i hope to get something for him really soon after he gets to 80.  After he dings for the last time (at least until Cataclysm) i plan to get another one to a higher level to. I'm not sure which one it will be, but I'm leaning towards Sathral, since his tailoring might be a good way to make gold. 

As for Larthas, i really didn't play much with him. For the most part, I'm raiding and doing the heroic daily to get frost emblems. I managed to get 60 for the first time and bought my Tier 10 shoulders immediately. Also, Justicebringer finally dropped in ToTC 25, so i was "forced" to spend all of my DKP in order to get it. Sadly, Icecrown Citadel drops a better weapon even on 10 man, so it probably won't last long.

The economy was good also. I managed to break the 25k gold barrier, but I'm now back at 22k after buying loads of low cost merchandise. I plan to sell this soon, so i might even break 30k in the near future. Most of my income comes from selling Eternal Fire that i bought cheap a week or so ago, as well as from transmuting Saronite to Titanium. This one is steadily declining, though, so i will have to find a new source of income soon.