Thursday, 15 September 2011

How’s gold farming coming along?

Oh! Thanks for asking, it’s been going quite well, actually. I started up pretty late and I definitely didn’t cash in on the early cataclysm craze, but I’m still quite the craftsman when it comes to earning Warcraft gold. When I started playing, I went on a big spending spree and bought plenty of vanity items, as well as some utility stuff like the Dalaran teleporter ring, epic flying for most of my alts, etc. This dropped me to around 120 thousand gold, but now I’m back at around 220k. I started out slow, because I needed to acquire some critical crafting recipes first, but over the last week or two, I have been steadily earning around 5000 gold per day, for about 20 minutes of work.
When it comes to addons, I have replaced most of mine with just one suite – the Trade Skill Master. It handles milling, disenchanting, mats shopping, crafting, posting, mailing, and pretty much everything else. Only two other gold related addons I use are the Auctionator as a better interface than the standard one for when I need to buy or sell something manually and maybe Ark Inventory, just to keep things nicely sorted.

When it comes to professions, my biggest money maker by far is enchanting. I have no idea why that is, since jewelcrafting and inscription usually get ahead, but I’m guessing it’s realm related. I probably have very little competition in that area. The second runner up would probably be jewelcrafting, then blacksmithing, then inscription. However, I get by far the best ratio of work+investment to profit from inscription. I get the feeling that if I worked hard to get most glyph recipes and really make a stockpile, I would earn a lot. Leatherworking and alchemy would be my weakest professions, and I completely gave up on Engineering, since pets rarely sell and it takes too much time to buy the materials.

All in all, I’m the king (well, maybe a duke) of Warcraft gold on my worthless realm and things will only get better.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Scroll of Resurrection

No, not the actual Blizzard service, just a fitting name for this post. Yes, this blog died on me. For a few months, even the game died on me. I enjoyed getting Cataclysm and leveling my main to 85 through the new content, but then some crap started happening. 

I wound up in a hospital for nearly a month and was stuck in a lengthy recovery after that. My subscription time ran out and to be honest, the desire to renew it wasn't there. Then a few months ago Blizzard managed to reel me back in with a free week of game time. 

I'm not playing as much as I used to, though. I decided on a new goal. I will try and get one character of each class to 85, continue with my Auction House gold earning and once the leveling portion is done, drastically reduce my game time and continue to play casually. As you can see, the larger part of my goal is nearing its completion. I have 7 characters completely leveled, and 3 other characters at 60 or higher. I hope to reach my goal within a month, but it might take slightly longer, since I'm about to lose a lot of my free time due to college.