Thursday, 24 December 2009

Winter Veil

So i got the Merrymaker achievement on Larthas. This means that only need Fool for Love and To Honor One's Elders for What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been meta achievement. Only a few months to go! Other than that, the guild finally managed to clear the currently available part of Icecrown Citadel and i was actually there for the achievement this time. I didn't get any new gear yet, because i want to save my DKP for a good weapon that drops off the first boss. I really need a weapon upgrade so i think this is my best option. 

As for Hastral, i didn't play that much with him. I completed a few quests and managed to do the daily normal dungeon for the 2 emblems on each of the last few days. He is almost level 73 and he got a new staff fron Azjol-Nerub. I still didn't get Nexus as a random dungeon for some reason, so hopefully this will happen today.

Other than that, i decided to get Salthra to level 10 so he appears on the armory and i got him an heirloom mace for his other hand. As for my finances, they are doing fine. I was at 18k two days ago, but then I've spent around 5k for various items on the AH that looked like a bargain. At the moment I'm selling those items. I already got my investment back and i still have loads to sell, so i think it was a good move. Titanium prices are steadily declining so i get less money from that lately, but the prices of Eternal Fire and Abyss Crystals are all around the place so i get a nice amount from buying these items when the price is low and reselling some other day.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Yes! It's here!

Patch 3.3 has finally arrived and I'm loving it. We completed the 3 new heroics the first afternoon in a semi pug group. It took some wipes, but we managed. Also, Battered Hilt but another guild mate got it on a roll so ill try for it some other day. We also started clearing Icecrown Citadel in 25 man. We didn't have any luck with it the first evening, but we managed to kill Lord Marrowgar yesterday night. Lady Deathwhisper seems even harder, but i have a feeling we are doing something wrong, so hopefully she fill go down soon. 

I've spent a big part of the day yesterday chain running random dungeons with Larthas, which got me some money, some enchanting materials, 2 Emblems of Frost and close to 50 Emblems of Triumph. I also got some of those the first day of the patch, witch means i finally got enough to buy the Mark of Supremacy and Turalyon's Battleplate of Triumph . I had about 50 left after buying all that so i also bought Furious Gladiator's Scaled Shoulders, for my PVP gear set.

As for Hastral, I've Toured the Fjord with him just a few minutes ago. He is extremely close to dinging 72, but i decided to take a break now. I also managed to pug Utgarde Keep with him and got a nice upgrade for my head - Reinforced Velvet Helm. I managed to top the DPS meters, but it seems there are errors with those things due to problems with cross-realm communication, so i can't be sure.

On a small side-note, i finally broke the 10 000 gold barrier on my bank alt today. It seems that stockpiling resources for the patch payed off. I still have allot to sell, so i expect more soon. 

Monday, 7 December 2009

Getting back into the game...

Exams are finally over, so I'm starting to play more again. Problem is, I didn't have a working phone line for two days, so i didn't really get the chance to play properly. All i did was a 10 man Ulduar and a 25 man  TotC raid with Larthas and that's about it. Also, there are rumors about Icecrown Citadel hitting us this week so I'm excited about that. I plan to do raiding with Larthas, and level my alts with the help of the new instance system. Larthas still needs 10 or so emblems of triumph so he can get a new hit rating trinket and his t9.5 chest.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Pilgrim's Bounty

The new world event is basically the only thing i managed to do with all the exams and other obligations i had. Since Larthas is my main, the priority was to complete all the achievements with him. I managed most of them on day one and the only thing left was Turkey Lurkey and Terokkar Turkey Time. The latter was completed on the second day of the event if i recall correctly, but the former had to until Friday for me to find the time to do it. In the end, i managed to do all the achievements and got the title and the turkey pet. 

I also used the opportunity to raise the cooking skill of Hastral and Sahtral to near-350 using the cheap ingredients for the special holiday recipes. This saved me some cash and time in the long run.

I will take a few screenshots of the new clothes and the pet tomorrow.