Friday, 30 April 2010


Again, some jewelcrafting dailies done, a level or two gained on my alts, a thousand or two gold earned and i started a guild ICC10 run with Larthas. Also, i managed to do the weeklies on both Larthas and Hastral. I also try to do the normal Northrend daily on Auriaya, so i can maybe buy a T9 piece for her as soon as she gets to 80 (which will not be to soon).

Monday, 26 April 2010

Uneventful...more of it!

Again, not much happened during the last few days besides me doing the dailies. I also managed to earn a few thousands after buying a heap of cheaply priced gems and cutting them. I'm still trying to decide if i should spend my frosties on Larthas for PVP or Tank gear. Also, i got a level or two on some of my alts.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Today i did my jewelcrafting daily on Auriaya, and we almost killed Putricide on 10man with Larthas. Oh, also, i got a level with Lashtar so i wouldn't waste my rested bonus. That's about it, sadly. There was no time for anything more.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Exam season over...

...and another one is nearing! Well, not exactly exams, but i have lots of lab assignments to do, so i wont be doing much gaming of any kind. Things are going slowly in World of Warcraft. The guild has hit a wall, so we are not really progressing in 25 man content. I did get a few achievements in 10 man, but nothing major. I've spent some time leveling some of my alts, and i got Auriaya to level 72 so she can now easily do her jewelcrafting dailies. I already got some of the more popular cuts, so she is making money that way now. I got about 70 000 gold total.

As for Larthas, he also got back into PvP. I got a few new gear pieces and i am now part of a proper 2v2 arena team with a friend of mine. We aren't really that good yet, but we're getting there. Hastral decided to use his frost emblems to buy 2 pieces of Tier 10, since getting Shadowmourne obviously isn't going to happen.

I got a bunch of alts now, so i try to level one or two when their rested bonus gets maxed out. That way they level pretty fast and no rested xp is wasted.