Monday, 19 April 2010

Exam season over...

...and another one is nearing! Well, not exactly exams, but i have lots of lab assignments to do, so i wont be doing much gaming of any kind. Things are going slowly in World of Warcraft. The guild has hit a wall, so we are not really progressing in 25 man content. I did get a few achievements in 10 man, but nothing major. I've spent some time leveling some of my alts, and i got Auriaya to level 72 so she can now easily do her jewelcrafting dailies. I already got some of the more popular cuts, so she is making money that way now. I got about 70 000 gold total.

As for Larthas, he also got back into PvP. I got a few new gear pieces and i am now part of a proper 2v2 arena team with a friend of mine. We aren't really that good yet, but we're getting there. Hastral decided to use his frost emblems to buy 2 pieces of Tier 10, since getting Shadowmourne obviously isn't going to happen.

I got a bunch of alts now, so i try to level one or two when their rested bonus gets maxed out. That way they level pretty fast and no rested xp is wasted.

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