Monday, 15 November 2010

Today, I played WoW

Quite a bit, actually! Now let's see, what did I do?

First I killed some horde noobs in Darnassus with a guildie.Four or five of them tried to kill Tyrande, but we stopped that, single handedly. This also got me to 27/50 on City Defender.

Then I decided it was time to start clearing my inventory. Having only one banker guild with only three tabs, I can't really stockpile that much for cataclysm, so I decided to get rid of inventory that probably wont be selling. This includes current enchants, epic and meta gems, stuff like that. It also means I completely removed my thresholds on those items. I'm still making a profit on most of them, even without the threshold, but the priority is to get rid of them. I am currently siting at about 200 000 gold and I expect at the very least a couple of thousands more after the clearance sale.

I also started seriously making money on inscription. I got a bunch of inks and made one of each glyph I know how to make. They sell at insane profits on my realm so I expect it to be the major money maker during the next week or two.

I also tried making some money with leatherworking and it is working, but the potential here is much smaller. Still, these are things that move fast, so I will be using it for a while.

I also leveled my mage to 45. Nothing major there, but I did it.

The big thing, however, is the fact that the next phase of the elemental invasion started. Portals are appearing throughout Stormwind and Ironforge with elementals pouring in on all sides. Once cleared, you are able to bring the fight to them and fight four major elemental bosses throughout Azeroth, with some of the more renowned people at your side, like Magni Bronzebeard. I missed the invasions for now, but I did fight the fire boss in Blackrock. The next invasion should be in less than an hour, so I will be ready.

There, finally a post with some content, hope you guys enjoyed it.


  1. pretty good to hear

  2. How are so many people addicted to WoW? I tried it I never saw all the hype....