Monday, 13 September 2010

Gearing up...

I've spent the last few days casually gearing up Salthra to a decent level. I didn't buy any emblem gear because i decided to wait and see which items I can have trough drops, but did do a we runs trought the new dungeons to get some items there. I wasn't that lucky, so all i got were some shoulders from ToC5 and pants from Pit of Saron. Salthra is right now sitting on a bit over 80 emblems of triumph and 6 or 8 emblems of frost.

In other news, my gold count is now about 135k and I also did the Gnomeregan world event with Auriaya. The only one left now is Lashtar. I might clear it with him tomorrow. Funny side note, there is almost no one doing the event anymore. There was a total of five of us when Auriaya did it.

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