Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Addon Nerf!

If you used QA3, like me, you will notice an issue with the new patch. Automated posting, sadly, is not working anymore. Blizzard has protected the auction posting APIs, which means that any automated posting is now broken. The only fix would be to add a confirmation dialog for every new item (you can still post multiples of the same item). Sadly, this is against the QA addon policy so the addon is/will be broken.

Of course, this isn't the end of the world. You can still post extremely fast by clicking the "Yes" button. The problem is, QA3 won't have this button, so we need a replacement. Thankfully,  Shadowed, the author of the addon has changed the license, allowing anyone to modify the addon as long as they reference that it was originally QA.

Sapu94 has, quite soon, taken the QA code and made AuctionProfitMaster, which is basically just QA with the confirmation dialog. For now, you should probably try that one, and in the future, we will see. There are a couple of projects in development, some of which look very promising.

In other news, I hope you guys stocked up on low priced rare gems so you can use them tomorrow (or today in the US) to make huge amounts of epic gems and sell them. Depending on how big the demand for them is, you should also bare in mind the option of selling the rare gems themselves at a profit, as their price might skyrocket to (it already did on many servers).

Also, Glyphs! :D