Thursday, 14 October 2010

How are things?

So, the new patch is out and the auction house rush is probably subsiding on most realms.

Since I couldn't make use if it myself, I'm wondering how things went for the rest of you. All around the blogosphere, people are reporting huge profits from glyphs and slightly less huge profits from gems and other items. Well, how did things go for you? Did you make or lose money? Did you learn anything?

Other stuff happened two. Some of the classes have completely different play styles now. Some have been boosted, while others nerfed in damage. Of course, Blizzard will fix these things soon, but the question remains. How did it go for you and your class?

Throw me a bone here guys! I can't play myself, so I would at least like to hear how others are playing. :D

Also, what are your plans for the next month and a half? The events will probably be starting soon, but my guess is, they wont push them together it Hollow's End.


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  2. How does the patch affect the AH then?

  3. Well, one major change at the AH is described in my last post. As for everything else, glyphs are now learned and you don't need to buy more than one, so there was a huge demand for those on patch day. I'm talking about glyphs selling for up to 100g each on some servers.

    Other than that, the cooldowns on epic gem transmutes were removed so those sold like hotcakes to (both rare and epic).

    Some other changes got it, but these two had the biggest effect probably.

  4. I don't play but I can ask friends who do for you!

  5. thanks for the rotation