Sunday, 31 October 2010

I got hacked!

Yep, I did. And I really mean hacked. No social engineering involved, or anything of the sort. I did not fall for a scam, I did not buy gold, nothing like it.

What happened is, my main e-mail account was compromised, probably because there was a keylogger on one of the college computers I used it on. From my main e-mail account, the hacker got access to some of my WoW account data and he managed to reset the password. From there on, he attached an authenticator and blocked me from accessing my account.

I went through the recovery process and everything should be restored by the time I get my computer back on Tuesday or Wednesday. Whoever he was, I think he loved my more than one hundred thousand gold pieces that I had on all of my characters combined.

Did I learn anything? Not really, since it was due to lack of security in my college. I can't avoid opening my e-mail there, so all I can do is to change my passwords at home, after each occasion of accessing my accounts in college. I should also probably delete my old e-mails more often, as my WoW account data was in on old e-mail on my main e-mail account.

Will I be buying an authenticator? No, definitely not. It's not that I think it's a waste, it's just that I hate having an additional gadget on my desk. If I get a decent mobile phone, I will get the mobile app at one point, but my current phone is not supported so that will have to wait.

I think that two years of gameplay with no issues is a good track record, so I'm not worried really. Even less so, since my new WoW e-mail is now completely isolated from all my other accounts.


  1. oh my god thats terrible

  2. Well that least Blizzard is taking care of everything.

  3. Dang dude that sucks. I only had like 18 months total playtime and I didn't have any of that happen. Hopefully it all works out.