Wednesday, 13 October 2010

What experience teaches us...

Allot of people aren't really aware that there are new ways to gain experience in Cataclysm

Aside from the obvious new dailies, you will now be getting experience from gathering professions, archeology. How much you get seems to depend on your level, your skill level and the level of the thing you are gathering.

Some examples for a level 80 would be:

  • new dailies - around 23.000xp
  • level 80 mob kills - around 4-5000xp
  • intro level cataclysm herbs - 4-5000xp
  • archeology fragment - around 23.000xp
  • archeology site cleared - around 70.000xp
According to various sources, ore seems to be broken in the beta right now, but my guess would be the same amount as with herbs. In any case, it seems that just by leveling archeology, you can get a level or two. I'm not sure how this scales to lower levels, though.

A good idea might be to get 25 daily quests from Wrath endgame and complete all of them, but not to turn them in. That way, you get a nice start once the level cap goes up to 85. Blizzard might decide to stop you from doing this, though, so don't put all your hopes into something like that.


  1. We get daily quests like that in Cabal Online.

  2. That's true.. Especially the ones who talk much are becoming more and more annoying :P
    What class do you play btw? I was devastated when I read some forums yesterday and feral druids were gimped x) Hotfixed now tho, or so I heard..

  3. thanks for the info

  4. @Jackbumper: My main is a paladin, but as you see on my sidebar, I have several other 80s. I understand retribution paladins are low on damage to, but it will probably be fixed by the time I get to play again.

  5. Daily quests certainly get you leveled up!

  6. Good call on the stocking up of dailies. I love doing all 25 dailies in a day :)