Sunday, 7 February 2010

Love is in the Air

It's here! One of the last two world events that i need to complete is here! Even better, the other one will be here in a week. They changed it a bit this year. If you dedicate yourself, you can finish most of it in a day and it's not really luck related. I already finished a few achievements, did the dungeon with both Larthas and Hastral and got a rose for Hastral that he holds in his mouth (^_^).

Right now, I will be farming lucky charms in order to get most of the other achievements out of the way. Who knows, i might even get the title on both Larthas and Hastral. 

In other news, Larthas is working on a tanking set for dungeons only, and Hastral finally completed his tier 9. I started PVP again on Larthas and i hope to do better in arena this season. More about all this later! 

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