Friday, 19 February 2010

A new tank!

I finally managed to get my tank gear ready for heroic tanking. It cost me a few thousand gold, but hopefully it was worth it. Most of my gear, apart from the gloves is epic and i have about 31k health unbuffed. I tried a few test runs and the results are inconsistent.

First run was Occulus and it was total crap. I forgot to turn on Righteous Fury and didn't even notice my sword skill is untrained. Due to this, i couldn't keep aggro at all and my mana was constantly low. Thankfully, the players that didn't drop right at start had patience with me and really helped me to get the feel of it.

Second run was Trial of Champions, and it went really great. I had no trouble keeping aggro, the healer healed me easily and there was only one death with one of the spellcasters being basically oneshoted. The only place for improvement was phase 2 of the third boss, where i forgot to put Holy Wrath on my action bar.

The third and fourth runs weren't meant to be. First i got the Pit of Saron in progress, right on the uphill run. I took insane amounts of damage from the trash, but the healer managed to keep me alive and i kept aggro with no issues. Then, due to my mistake we wiped on the last boss once, and on the second try i had to Alt+F4 due to a RL emergency. If any of the people with me are reading this, I'm really sorry, but there was no time to explain. I know no one other than me is actually reading, but hey, what the heck, worth a shot. As for the fourth run, i think i got Halls of Lightning, but again i had to Alt+F4 before i could even see what it was.

Anyway, it will still take some getting used to, but i think i will like tanking. DPS will still be my main spec though.

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