Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lich King getting near!

Last night we organized two 10man groups first, both doing ICC10 HC. Around 21:30, we finally had enough people to continue on the Lich King in 25man. I am proud to say, we are getting really close to kill him. We managed to get to phase 3, but for some reason we are having trouble killing the Raging Spirits in phase 2.5, so 3 of them are on the off tank in the transition, killing him really fast. Still, there was obvious progression going on, so hopefully he will fall tonight. I just hope there isn't any thunderstorms tonight.

In other news, I've spent some times on my alts, leveling my Salthra up to 38 and gathering emblems on Hastral, Lashtar and Auriaya. Epic gems are still the main source of my income and i managed to get two farmers to sell me theirs directly. Larthas' enchanting is a close second, while Hastral's transmute just got upped to third place. I started selling uncut meta gems and titanium and titansteel bars, so i make about 200-300 a day from that.

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