Thursday, 15 July 2010

Skip a day...

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I went to bed early so it slipped my mind. The good news is, stuff actually happened, so i have something to write about. Larthas went on a raid with the guild and we managed to reach the Lich King on the first night. I wanted to come tonight as well, but i had to take care of my nieces so that didn't happen. Hopefully, the Lich King will go down on 25 soon. I also got a new Tier10 token so now I'm just missing one piece, not counting the gloves which I probably won't get. Also, I managed to blow 16k today buy buying the Traveler's Thundra Mammoth. I really want to start on my Insane in the Membrane feat, so this mount will be very useful.

As for my other characters, i did the weekly on all of them and that's about it. Auriaya is still doing her JC dailies and selling gems, while Lasthar and Hastral pretty much do the daily transmute and that's it.

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