Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Getting, closer to Outland...

Today, I again did my dailies and auctions, skipped the heroics this time and went straight to Salthra. Sadly, i had some distractions during the day, so I didn't level as much as I wanted. I am currently level 56, but i will try to at least get to 57 before i go to bed. In any case, I will be in Outland tomorrow, hopefully.

EDIT: Well, surprisingly, i managed to actually get to 58. I cleared most of the quests in Winterspring, which got me to a bit over 56. Since i had a messenger quest to Chillwind Camp, i decided to go there next, since it's a good leveling area. When i got there, i did some of the introduction quests, two of the cauldron quests, the Lightbringer series and the quests Chromie gives me in Andorhal. After getting to 57 and turning in some quests, i rode to the Eastern Plaguelands where i logged off and switched to my banker. I bought a bunch of turn in items like Savage Frond, Core of Elements, Dark Iron Scraps, etc. and this gave me enough experience to get to 58. I immediately went to Outland and right now, Salthra is sleeping in the Honor Hold inn.

Sadly, I don't think I will be playing allot tomorrow, because my laptop is overheating and i urgently need to get it cleaned properly.

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