Thursday, 26 August 2010

Helloooooo Leatherworking!

I think i finally properly solved my laptop problems, so hopefully i won't miss posting days from now on (yeah, right!). Aside fromy my daily maintenance and "chores", I also leveled Salthra a bit. He is level 65 which means he can max out his leatherworking. I don't know how profitable it will be this late in the expansion, but i definitely expect it to pay off come Cataclysm. If I'm not misatken, all that's left now are tailoring and engineering. My mage has tailoring covered and who knows, i might replace skinning on Salthra for engineering. I might also just level a dwarven hunter, who knows...

In any case, Salthra is 65 now and will hopefully be even going to Northrend soon. It would be nice to get another max level character so i might actually go for that. If not, my mage will be next.

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