Thursday, 9 September 2010

Operation: Gnomeregan

Good news everyone!

Operation: Gnomeregan started yesterday and the surface of Gnomeregan is finally liberated. The plan was actually to liberate the whole city, but due to an unexpected nuclear explosion, we decided to settle for just the surface. As a reward, Larthas, Salthra and Hastral got a nice cloak as well as a cool item that transforms you into Gnomeregan infatry for 30 minutes. The event was extremely fun and funny and exciting and some other things i can't remember at the moment.

In other news, today is the day that Salthra reached level 80. He will be my leatherworker and this actually means he is almost ready for Cataclysm. All i have to do now is level my leatherworking to the max, figure out how to make money with it and maybe get him some gear so leveling is easier once the cap is increased.


  1. i love running about as a gnome

  2. Wow they finally got to it? I quit awhile back as I didn't have any extra to play WoW anymore. Probably for the best. I still want to see what changes will come with Cataclysm, so I'll probably pick it up once it comes out, or I'll play a bit before then.

    Playing through WotLK quests with the evolving areas was simply epic, and Blizzard did an incredible job with it. I got a full set of noob T9 on my DK before my time expired, and I got a nice Quel'Delar as well. Should be good enough to get through easily in the new areas for 80-85. Thank god they aren't bumping it to level 90..

  3. Yep, you shouldn't have any issues. It will probably be like with Outland and Northrend. The first few quests will be easy and will get you some quick gear so you can tackle the new content more easily.