Thursday, 9 December 2010

The roll continues!

Four out of four, people, four.. OK, I'll stop, it's getting annoying.

Today, Larthas got to 85. I did some archeology first, same as yesterday, and then went back to Uldum to finish the rest of the quests. I have one left until I get an achievement and that one is reserved for the instance, unless it wont count, in which case I missed a quest somewhere again.

While clearing Uldum, I also did a dungeon or two, and then went to Twilight Highlands. I did a few introduction quests and then found a group for the new arena chain there. Mid way through that, I got the last bit of experience needed for level 85. I finished the rest of the quests, got a nice weapon for it and went to discover the entrance to Grim Batol on the way back to Stormwind.

I then did a round through the new zones and bought some new equipment from the quartermasters. I also bought two pieces from the justice points vendor which got my average item level high enough to queue for a heroic. I got Vortex Pinnacle and it really wasn't to hard to complete, once we started using proper crowd control.

That was it for today. Tomorrow, I will spec properly, try to do a few more heroics and maybe level my professions a bit. The marathon to 85 is officially over.