Saturday, 11 December 2010

Skipped One!

Sorry... no excuse really, it just happened.

Yesterday, I did a big move. I decided to stop going for performance so hard and dropped Enchanting on Larthas in favor of getting back Mining. My mage will have Tailoring/Enchanting anyway, so I thought I should just make things easier on my main. Handling Blacksmithing only won't be as inventory intensive and will make other parts of the game simpler.

This is why I've spent some time yesterday and today leveling my Mining again. I won't be selling the ore, because I intend to make my Worgen an Engineer anyway. The leveling goes much faster now, luckily. Flying in the old world really helps, and there is no need to track Thorium so much, since you can just leave for Hellfire once you hit 275. I got it up to 350 and tomorrow I will be getting it to 400 in Northrend. Once I hit that, I can go to Hyjal and start Mining Obsidium to level Blacksmithing to.

Other than that and a couple of heroics, I really didn't do much. I had very little to do anything else. Also, nothing dropped in heroics yet.

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