Tuesday, 7 December 2010

That's right!

Two posts in two days people! I'm on a roll!

What happened? Cataclysm got released is what happened!

I managed to log in at 0:01 and went to Hyjal immediately. It took me a bit under two hours to get my first level. The quests there were great, the lore was great, and I loved it how some of the quests actually prepare newbie players for raids. Anyways, at two in the morning, I decided to go to bed and woke up at eight in the morning the same day.

I had breakfast, and went right back to the game. I cleared the rest of the Hyjal quests and this got me to a bit over 82. Before I went back to Stormwind, I tried out archeology a bit in Winterspring. Then my brother in law came online, so we went to Blackrock to discover our first dungeon entrance. We queued for it and I went to Deepholme, while he went to Hyjal. The flight through the rift in the Maelstrom was epic!

About 20 minutes of quests later, we got the queue and entered Blackrock Caverns. The dungeon was not very hard, but we did wipe a few times due to not being aware of the tactics. Eventually, we completed it and I got a few upgrades through drops and quest rewards. I continued to do quests in Deepholme and soon discovered Stonecore as well. I queued for this one alone, since my brother in law was still in Hyjal. This one felt a bit harder, but nothing we couldn't handle. I completed a total of 113/125 quests in Deepholme before I couldn't find any more. I guess I either missed a few of them somewhere, or the daily quests count for the first time I do them.

I again returned to Stormwind and decided that was enough leveling for the day. I did some digging around the world, went to Uldum to do the intro and find the dungeons there, and then also went to Vashj'ir to find the entrance to the Throne of the Tides and also do the intro. Tomorrow, I will be doing some dungeons and questing in Uldum.

I'm loving every minute of the expansion. Everything is brand new again and the quests are fun and nicely streamlined. WoW is pure fun for me again!


  1. Well at least you weren't one of the people who have been up playing since they got the expansion.....

  2. I want to get it so bad now. Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to wait until after christmas before I can get it.