Monday, 6 December 2010

A long time ago...

 ...I actually wrote on this blog! Well, I think it's time to do so again. Over the last few weeks, I had exams again, and my computer was busted again, so I barely even touched the game. The worst part of it is, the computer broke just when the Cataclysm patch was released so I didn't get to experience any of the changes from the start.

Well, exams are over, the computer is now working, so I've been very busy.

I continued to clear my inventory and sell everything that will become useless tomorrow. This means I left the eternals and common gems I had, as I expect those to be in demand once all those new Worgen start to go to Northrend and level their professions. I also left some enchanting materials, but not much, since I used up most of them. My scrolls sold for the most part, but I still have a bunch left over so I hope I will somehow manage to sell those later, at least at a discount for a partial return of my investments.

Lashtar is doing well with inscription, but I didn't stock up on inks because of my computer, so I'm just selling the stuff I already made. Still, he started at around 1000 and is now at close to 7000. With a single 5 minutes-a-day time investment, I think this is pretty damn good. With all of this, I am right now sitting on about 220 000 gold total, so I think Cataclysm won't be a financial issue.

I also cleared Larthas' inventory and bought him some flasks and potions of water walking. I was also going to buy some swiftness potions, but there aren't any on the auction house. With that and the vendor mount he owns, leveling will be a painless process. I did nearly the same things with my other characters but I still have to research what a good leveling spec would be for each of them.

I also leveled my mage to 65. He can now make frostweave and netherweave bags and he already made a whole bunch of them hoping the price would increase tomorrow and over the next few weeks. He should make a nice profit on those. I really loved leveling in the old world with him. The whole 1-60 content redesign is awesome and it plays great. Leveling is truly fun again.

Most importantly, I decided to leave my guild. After all the breaks I had because of hardware and other issues, I just didn't feel like I belong there anymore. Also, I don't think I will be able to raid as much as I used to, so that's another reason I felt it was time to leave. Since I have so many alts, server transfers are out of the question, so I made my new home in Nerf Me, a much larger guild which, while they do raid, also makes room for social players which is what I will probably be for the next few months. I might do a raid every now and then if there's room and I have the time, but mostly, I will be taking it easy and enjoying the game at a slower, less time intensive pace.

Anyways, over the next few days, I will be leveling and finally experiencing some truly new content, so I'm not really sure how much I will be able to write, but I promise to at least try and give you a short update.


  1. Welcome back!

    And yea in the game I play (remember I don't play WoW) The guild I'm in is mainly for us old people who are more social players then anything. We can't be ingame all the time for dungeons and wars....

  2. I'm fine with dungeons, as they are fast in WoW.

    The problem is being in a raiding guild where you are required to be available for 4+ hours, 2-3 nights of the week to even maintain your rank.