Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bye, bye, Outland!

Yep, it’s true guys. Today was the last day I will ever have to spend leveling through Outland. That is, it will be the last day, unless Blizzards decided to revamp Outland in the same way they did with Vanilla zones, at one point in the future.

It took some repetitive questing, some help from a friend (Ring of Blood) and some time, but I’m finally done. All of my characters are now level 68 or above. This also means that my leveling goal will be put on hold for a while. It seems that Northrend experience will be nerfed by around 30% in the next patch, so I decided to wait for that before I continue. I will, however, continue to use up my rested bonus so it won’t be wasted. Who knows, by the time 4.3 gets here, I might get past Northrend with a char or two.

In any case, I think I’ll try and focus on my paladin for a while now. There are achievements to be unlocked, gold to be made, gear to be acquired.

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