Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hyjal no more!

As planned,my warrior is practically 85 now. He is one quest turn-in from reaching it, the quest is completed and he is standing next to the quest giver. Part one of my three-part plan is completed. He also completed the Crucible of Carnage and about a half of the Twilight Highlands quests.

My druid and priest have also advanced a bit. I got them both to 82, which took going through Mount Hyjal and completing quests up and including killing Nemesis. Since my plan is to now go to Deepholme, this also means I'm done leveling in Mount Hyjal for good. Tomorrow, I plan to do the same with Deepholme. As for Uldum, I don't think I'll manage to clear it on both characters, but I might try doing it on one.

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