Saturday, 15 October 2011

Farewell to Northrend.

I got to 80 on my priest, which means all of my alts are now 80 or above. I won't be leveling in Northrend, ever again. I took the usual route and cleared all of Scholazar Basin, the intro to Icecrown and a bit beyond the intro to Storm Peaks. I actually got to one quest before the point I've reached yesterday with my druid. I expected to ding earlier, but I forgot about gathering on my druid, which got him plenty of extra experience.

That's it. I'm only 15 levels away from my goal. True, its the longest 15 levels, but it feels close anyway. Hopefully, I'll get one of the last 3 alts to the cap within the next few days. Who knows, I might get a level today.

Other than that, nothing else was done. Well, I'm back to 270 000 gold, but that's it. I'll focus on gold more when I reach my leveling goal.

Picture credit to Justin Kunz - Justin Kunz Blog

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