Monday, 10 October 2011

Moving Up

I'm gathering rested XP faster than I expected, so it actually might happen that I'll get past Northrend before 4.3 get's here. Right now, my warrior is already level 80, my druid is 72 with about 60-70% rested bonus, and my priest is still 70, at around 120% bonus. I'll try and finish a dungeon or two with my priest tomorrow and maybe try out healing. As for Larthas, I got in a guild group for Firelands HC and killed the first two bosses. My status is just backup, though, since I cant dedicate a proper raid week to the guild right now, so I don't expect for this to happen again any time soon.

Other than that, I got up as high as 275 000 gold, but then dropped back down to 260 000 after stocking up on raw gems and enchanting materials. I also tried some extreme undercutting tactics on the glyph market and it seems to be working, but I'm not sure if its more effective than my old approach.

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