Friday, 14 October 2011

The first rule of the Ring of Blood - Do not return to Dragonblight

I really need to give up on  these silly titles.

As you're probably guessing, I've completely cleared Dragonblight on all of my alts now. I will not be leveling in it anymore. At the same time, I will never finish the Wrathgate quest chain either. The good thing about it - I can always go and look at the cinematic on most of my characters. Dragonblight is a pretty decent zone. There's very little of those completely on the rail quests where you just have to watch it finish itself and wait to continue, but at the same time, the pure grinding quests are either short, or the mobs are densely populated, so you still complete them fast. As an added bonus, the final group quests, which are the only ones you can't really solo anymore are all placed in a nice semi circle, so if you get a group or a high level friend to help you, you're done really fast.

As you're probably also guessing, I also finished the Ring of Blood quests of Northrend for the last time. For this one, I really recommend just getting a high level friend, because getting a group that is also capable of some team play is just painful. Also, I wouldn't recommend leveling in Zul'Drak. Its a big zone, you will probably be over or underleveled for it and it just runs to slowly with a big number of gimmicky quests. My advice would be to go through it once to get the lore, because it's good, but avoid it on your alts. In fact,

  • Borean Tundra
  • Dragonblight
  • Scholazar Basin
  • Icecrown (Argent Crusade up to Crosaders Pinnacle
  • Storm Peaks (K3, Starting Viking Lady up to the ride on the big Frost Worg, Frosthold quests to 80)

would be my leveling road of choice through Northrend.

Other than this, I've also gotten all the way to 80 on my druid, so with any luck, tomorrow will be the last time leveling in Northrend, ever, for me. The priest is 76, nearing 77.

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