Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I can almost touch it!

My warrior is 84. I took him through Hyjal up to the part where the forest get's revitalized. Then I took him through Deepholme until I got the first two pieces of the world pillar. After that, it was the preparation part with Ramhaken, up to right before the attack, as well as the first part with Harrison Jones. This got me to 84, but I also decided to do the intro to Twilight Highlands. Tomorrow, I will go through the highlands and complete part one of my three-piece final plan. I will get him as close to 85 as possible, until I'm just one quest short. Then I will complete that quest, but won't turn it in. I'll park my character right next to the quest giver and wait until my other two characters are in the same situation. All three of my remaining alts will reach the cap at the same time.

Hopefully, a guildie will be online and take a screenshot.

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